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I learned my skills at The Glasgow School of Art, having studied Silversmithing and Jewellery in 2007. Due to financial and also mental health related issues, I chose to graduate with an Ordinary, midway through my final degree show year.

Bianca O'Neill

Following that, I worked in an entirely unrelated field for 10 years. It has taken me a decade to come back to my passion for jewellery, but working on my mental health, having the support of my family, and being in more fortunate circumstances has allowed me to return to my practice. I am grateful for the opportunity I have to create beautiful objects any time I choose.

I am learning as I go now, and make what I enjoy. I am so grateful for my jewellery business and love that it has continued to grow month on month since I founded BON in 2021. I hope you like how I see, and choose to buy a piece of BON Jewellery for yourself or someone close to you.

BON Jewellery is all entirely handmade by myself.

Follow BON on Instagram and Facebook, to see my jewellery creation as it happens.

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