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Behind the Maker


Bianca O'Neill's current work is influenced by utilitarian aesthetics and the man-made environment. Her pieces often explore juxtaposed, contrasting textures with geometric, and modern forms featuring in her designs. She uses traditional materials of gold, sterling silver and gemstones, while also incorporating alternative mediums such as epoxy resin and reclaimed aluminium. Her field of inspiration took hold during her studies at The Glasgow School of Art in 2007, and has continued to develop into her signature style.

Bianca works from both her home studio in Troon, Scotland, and from her bench in Vanilla Ink Jewellery School and Studios CIC, where she enjoys the company, and inspiration working alongside other jewellers offers. This allows the additional benefit of client consultations taking place in either Glasgow or Troon.



Aiming to strike the balance between her unique artistic perspective, whilst creating pieces that are inherently wearable, both every day, and for special occasions.

Dedication to achieving an exceptional quality of finish to her handmade pieces, and ensures every piece is lovingly crafted to the highest standard.

Sustainability is at the heart of her practice, so each Bianca O'Neill Jewellery product is packaged using Eco-packaging, and is created using refined recycled sterling silver.


Bianca is a Glasgow School of Art Graduate.

As an artist on the autism spectrum, Bianca's creative journey has been shaped by her distinct perspective and unwavering determination. Her neurodivergence is undoubtedly linked to the precision, and high standard of finish for which her work has become known.


Following her studies, a ten year hiatus led to founding Bianca O'Neill Jewellery in 2020, a vocation that blends her artistic sensibilities and love for craftsmanship.



Troon, Scotland, KA10 6BQ

60 Brook St, Glasgow G40 2AB



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