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Do you love Sterling Silver but find your jewellery tarnishing quickly or getting grubby quickly?

It is very easy to keep your sterling silver jewellery looking its best, but only if you know how! I've compiled some tips below to help you to care for your beautiful new (and old) jewellery with ease.

First of all, Sterling silver naturally tarnishes. Tarnished silver will turn a darkish grey-black colour and is most easily removed when it first becomes visible. This is the case for all sterling silver jewellery and is completely natural. Of course, it is any jewellery owners mission to prevent this for as long as possible, and remove it once it occurs...

Tip #1 - Don't Swim in your Jewellery!

Do not swim or shower in your jewellery, and avoid exposing your jewellery to perfumes, make-up and hairsprays. Moisture and unnecessary chemicals will increase the rate at which your jewellery tarnishes

Tip #2 - Keep it Clean

Silver jewellery can be washed in warm water with a mild soap. Completely dry it with a soft lint free, nonabrasive cloth before storing. Don't use abrasive cloths on your jewellery as it may become scratched.

Tip #3 - Polish it Up

Specialist silver polishing cloths are also ideal companions to your jewellery. 100% cotton infused with special silver cleaners. These will remove tarnish build up and restore its shine.

Tip #4 - But please, no Silver Dip!

Do not use silver dips. These remove the surface of the metal, and once used you'll find you need to clean your items more regularly as they will be more susceptible to tarnish. Another great way to ruin a beautifully polished piece is to scrub it with toothpastes and toothbrushes. They are too abrasive!

Tip #5 - Store it Properly

Store your jewellery in a dry cool and dark place. Use a jewellery box, cloth wraps or even zip lock bags. Reducing the moisture your silver jewellery is exposed to will prolong its finish.

Top Tip

You can keep all those silica sachets provided with other products, (the things that say do not eat in handbags and whatnot) to be used to store with your sterling silver jewellery. They'll eat up all and any moisture and keep tarnish at bay.

Polishing cloths are available in the webshop if you need some!

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Hi everyone that somehow found my first ever blog post from Bianca O'Neill Jewellery, or BON if you prefer. It's been an exciting couple of months!

In September I committed to becoming self employed, and creating handmade jewellery as a business...

I'm so shocked at the support I've received from all over the world. I've been shipping my handcrafted jewellery from Troon, Scotland, to places I'd never imagined, such as Germany and The Netherlands. Of course I've also been receiving orders more locally and it means so much. If you have recently bought one of my handcrafted pieces, thank you so much!

My favourite piece to work on recently has definitely been a commission I received through a bit of Facebook networking...

I was asked to set a wonderful piece of Sea-glass that meant a lot to the customer.

The piece was found on a beach where her dear friend grew up, and she requested it be set, so she could always keep her late friend close to her heart.

Due to the nature of the commission I was nervous, but this drove me to put all my energy into creating something as close to perfectly as I could, and I really feel I did my best work with this piece.

It was wonderful receiving such positive feedback from this customer. It makes it all worth it.

Jewellery can be simple adornment, and that has its own value. Jewellery allows so much scope for presenting our individuality...

The best pieces I find though, are those that mean something to the wearer. It's nice to present ideas about ourselves to others through what we choose to wear, but wearing items that mean something to ourselves means so much more.

I'm hoping to share more posts here regularly for anyone who may be interested in my journey. I must admit blogging is certainly not something I'm all that experienced in however! I guess if you're reading this, your best placed to watch me try to make sense of it. Hope you'll join me on my journey.


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