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Measure your ring size at home: DIY plastic ring sizers and how to use them.

A plastic multi sizer is a handy tool used to measure ring sizes accurately. Specialist sizing gauges are used by jewellers to take precise measurements, but this inexpensive tool can be used at home to determine your own ring size. Follow the tips below to learn how to find your size using a DIY ring sizer.

Ring sizes change throughout our life for various reasons and can even change in a very short period. A reusable plastic ring sizer makes it easy to check your ring sizes again and again whenever you need to. As shopping continues to migrate to the digital market, you'll want to be prepared to buy rings online, from Bianca O'Neill Jewellery or indeed any online retailer in the future.

Showing how to measure ring sizes professionally
Professional Ring Sizer

These DIY ring sizer options are fantastic when you know how to use them correctly, but it is not unusual for people to misuse them, resulting in often wildly inaccurate self-recorded measurements and leading to unnecessary expenses. Having rings resized by independent, handmade jewellery makers is not always a simple task, and for some designs, it is almost impossible. These errors in sizing can lead to costly consequences, with resizing services incurring additional costs, and in some cases, resizing services are unable to be provided.

To make sure you are not in this position, follow these precise instructions to ensure you are getting the correct ring size when measuring your finger using a plastic multi-sizer.

Form the Sizer into a Band

Curl the plastic multi sizer around the chosen finger and push the end through the buckle, creating a ring-like shape that you think might fit before actually putting it on your finger.

Ensure Circular Shape

Hold the circular band you've created with the letters facing outward. Make sure the shape closely resembles a perfect circle. Avoid pressing the plastic into an oval shape, as this can lead to inaccuracies.

Account for Metal Ring vs Plastic Ring Properties

Keep in mind that the metal ring you receive won't be bendable. As you adjust the sizing on your finger, make sure it fits comfortably and doesn't require bending out of its circular shape when putting on and taking off.

Consider Easy Removal

Check that the band can pass over the entire length of your finger for easy removal. Sometimes, our knuckles may be larger than the base of our fingers, leading to a looser fit when worn.

If the ring fits loose due to knuckle size, standard circular rings may not be the best option. Consider specially designed rings with hinge and clasp mechanisms or opt for spacers or sizing beads on the inner shank of the ring.

Account for Non-Traditional Shank Sizes

When purchasing rings online, keep in mind that less traditionally sized shanks, such as wide band rings and fine stacking rings, may require a slightly different size from the measurement taken. For larger bands, it's generally wiser to size up, while for thin, minimalist designs, a slightly smaller size may work better.

Seek Advice from the Maker

If you're unsure about the ring size due to the design's nature, reach out to the maker before ordering to discuss and get personalised advice.

So with the advice above in mind, hopefully you can feel confident using a plastic multi-sizer to learn your own ring sizes at home. If you are interested in purchacing one, I have them available in the webshop. You can buy The Ring Sizing Kit here which includes a handy keeper card to record your sizes to refer to.


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